The 20-Minute Author eBook


Your custom roadmap to write, publish and promote your book. Just 20-minutes per day!
Don’t have time to write your book? The 20-minute Author is your custom roadmap to help you write, publish and promote your book, in easy bite-sized steps.
By allocating just 20-minutes per day to work on your book, you can follow the daily steps, tips and prompts to finally get your book started and finished, fast.
This book is a PDF download with a digital fillable workbook area at the end of each chapter.
This workbook can be used along with the famous 20-minute Author 20-Day challenge, which you can join and access at
Maja Wolnik is a passionate book designer, brand strategist and author. Her design agency, Maja Creative, helps entrepreneurs turn into authors, by creating beautiful books that help them share their wisdom, leverage their expertise and build a passive income stream

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