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created with effective neuro-branding techniques

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Publish Your Book

Book Design

Custom designed book covers, book formatting and interiors for self-help books, business books, memoirs, novels, children’s books, coffee table books, journals and workbooks.

Author Branding

Launch your author career and promote your book with social media, author websites, book landing pages, press kits, bookmarks and other book launch assets.

Book Publishing & Distribution

Self-publish on Amazon and other global platforms with our expert help. We’ll submit your data, upload your files and get all the techy stuff sorted so your book is ready for readers to order.

Transform Your Brand

Brand Strategy

Get crystal clear on your ideal audience, brand vision, brand archetypes and brand personality in our famous 1-on-1 brand strategy workshop.

Brand Identity

Launch a new brand or re-brand your brand. Build trust and recognition with a memorable logo and unique brand identity that truly reflects your brand values.

Brand Touchpoints

See your brand in action with consistently branded websites, brochures, flyers, social media, signage, packaging and other brand assets.

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Brilliant Results for Clients Like You

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Hear What Our Clients Say

“I just want to express my gratitude for the branding work. My team loves it and so do our clients. I feel very proud to be spreading the word. We’ve sent two proposals this week using our new template, and both have signed up! 100% strike rate so far!”

Marc StipicManaging Director, Tactium

“I was impressed by the level of creativity and attention to detail the Maja Creative team demonstrated throughout the project. The design team did an amazing job capturing my vibrant personality and bringing my vision to life in the book.”

Sarah Arthur-YoungAuthor, What Magic Can I Create Today?

“We have a brand with a great future, a brand that offers so many pathways to take which allows us to grow in so many directions. Maja seamlessly morphed our ideas and heart onto a page, our brand has a deep meaning to us.”

Andi GraingerCEO, Ora Cleaning Group

“It's a really, really beautiful book. I'm just so proud of it. When it arrived and I first held it in my hands, it really was lovely. And even things like, your recommendations on the format as in the size of it, to make it bigger than say a fiction paperback to make sure that people could use the workbooks and the quality of the paper and the colour. It's really beautiful, but it's also really practical. It's not quite like other business books in the sense that it is a really beautifully laid out book, and the fact that we chose images that were not necessarily your typical images that you would come across in publications about technology.”

Carol BentonAuthor - Connect, Convince, Convert

“The return on investment for this project is already paid but will in time be huge - on current business alone it's sitting at an ROI of 48 times - and every new sale adds another 12 times to the ROI. Obviously I am a fan of Maja's work, but the numbers speak for themselves and the real value of creative design is in the return, why settle for anything other than the best?”

Bruce FrameDirector, The Business Owner Coach

“The design and art work was amazing. The pull-up banner design, table runners, and my branded PPT all made my book release event more appealing to my audience. If you're looking for a professional design that makes your brand stand out, then look no further than Maja Creative. My book and professional image has gotten me recognition around the world for multimedia attention.”

Pastro Winston GrierAuthor, Making Money God's Way

Maja Wolnik

Art Director / Brand Strategist / Book Designer

who we are

Hello! I'm Maja...

...and we are Maja Creative.

We’re not just another branding or design studio… We’re a team of talented creatives with a shared vision to use our unique skills and talents to make a difference - whilst creating beautiful, luxe designs.

We work with amazing, heart-centred people... clients that want to help, heal and empower others; clients that care about our environment; clients that want to use business to do good in our world.

Our mission is to help you create meaningful, memorable and successful brands and books that make a positive impact in the community.

We do this through strategic, exceptional, effective design utilising techniques and principles that are based in neuro-science.


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