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Conversation Starters: Why a coffee table book should be the next book you write?

Have you always wanted to write a book… but you just don’t have the headspace for it? Perhaps you’re thinking of the wrong type of book!
As those of us in the Southern Hemisphere relegate inside due to the rainy fiasco that’s happening outside, I’ve started paying more attention to my coffee table – and the books that sit upon it. And I’m convinced that a Coffee Table book is the perfect winter hack to create something truly extraordinary. Here’s five reason’s why:
  1. Short & Sweet Coffee table books can be epic tomes, but they don’t have to. If you’re strapped for time, or don’t have the bandwidth to write a 100,000 word manuscript, a coffee table book could be your thing. Short, sweet and to the point, you’ll write your manuscript in no time.
  2. Spark Conversations Inspirational and intriguing, your book can become a talking point for guests. If related to your business, it’s a unique way to get your message across, not only through words, but visually.
  3. Lasting Presence – Coffee table books tend to hang around on people’s coffee tables for years. Unlike a digital ebook that disappears in your Kindle once read, a coffee table book will likely stand the test of time. Your book will be a tangible reminder that can create impact for generations to come and create brand awareness if your book is related to your business.
  4. Multisensory Experiences – The combination of stunning imagery, curated content and the tactile pleasure of holding a physical book makes a coffee table book the perfect visual escape when Netflix is starting to be a bore.
  5. The Sky Is The Limit – When it comes to creativity, our team can make your book dreams come true! We work collaboratively with you to bring your creative vision to life. From illustrations, stunning images and delicious typography, we’ll create a page turning masterpiece that will make your book a cherished keepsake.
Is it time to create your Coffee Table Book?

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