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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Koa Crystals & Stones

By March 10, 2023Branding, Projects

The Client
Koa is a sister brand and new venture created by our soulmate client Andi Grainger from Ora Meaningful Cleaning, the yoga studio cleaning business which we featured back in issue #003 of our newsletter. With Ora finally bouncing back from harsh lockdowns, Andi was unfortunately challenged with a breast cancer journey in the middle of the pandemic. Using crystals as part of her strategy to help her heal and get back to full health, Andi knew that she wanted to share her newly found passion and knowledge about the healing power of crystals with the world. And so Koa Crystals & Stones was born.

The Challenge
We wanted to create a unique and distinct brand for Koa, but also one that had a synergy with the sister company Ora. With Andi being predominantly in a serviced based business, launching an online store was completely new territory for her.

The Strategy
We went back through some of the designs we had created when we did the branding for Ora, and realised that some symbols that we created for Ora that were initially rejected, would be perfect for Koa. And so we used them, together with the same typeface that we used for Ora.

The Deliverables
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity & Logo Design
Shopify Store Website Design
Social Media Branding Assets


The Outcome
With crystals being a highly visual product, we knew that the branding for Koa had to be stunning to match. We wanted to evoke a sense of awe and wonder and magic, allowing individual pieces to speak for themselves, but allowing the branding to gently tell the story of each crystal. The Koa logo was created by using a beautiful typeface that was custom modified and manipulated, to form a distinct K and to adjust the a.

We also created a stunning Shopify site, based on the Elomus theme and helped Andi get her first online store up and running – a huge move away from a service based business such as Ora. We wanted to create a site that was easy to use and navigate, where the crystals are the hero and where customers can learn about each crystal and thier healing properties through in depth descriptions. Andi takes unique photos of the crystals with her Docklands home as stunning backdrop, showcasing how the light reflects off each crystals.

In addition, we work with Andi each month, to create a beautiful Instagram grid to showcase unique pieces, with a unique focus each month. February, being the month of love, is all about heart shaped crystals that heal and activate the heart chakra – Rose Quartz, Pink Opal, Rhodocrosite and more.

Delicious typography is an important element of this brand, which attracts attention and brings more meaning through visual story telling.

“Launching the Koa brand and the Shopify site was really daunting. And in the hectic-ness of my health and work and ex covid it was really, really overwhelming. But what I loved the most about working with Maja was that we took bite sized steps and it was okay. You said to me “This week we are just going to look at this part, and then next week we’re going to do something else. And we’re going to have some times where it’s going to get tough and you’re going to have to push through and do it.” Now that it’s done, that online shopping platform is set forever, that foundation is there. It’s an interesting journey and a huge opportunity to learn. So don’t be fearful of what you don’t know where to start with an online store. Trust that Maja can guide you through that process.”

– Andi Grainger, Director, Koa Crystals & Stones


Further Information
Koa Crystals and stones are consciously sourced and hand selected from a curated list of trusted suppliers. Visit www.koacrystals.com to shop the stunning range!

Are you thinking about launching an online store or a new brand? We’d love to talk to you about creating your new brand and business.


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