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POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS – 3 tips to keep your online presence on brand

With many restrictions in place over the last few months, it seems like everyone is working from home and many businesses have had to adapt their meetings and sales process, primarily discussing business through video. We’ve seen an increase in requests to convert printed brochures into interactive digital PDF’s and the old PowerPoint presentation is making a come back! With the ease of screen sharing comes an opportunity to present your brand in the best light possible. Here are some ideas worth considering to make sure your online presence, especially on screen, remains on brand.



Sharing info on screen with prospects and clients shouldn’t look complicated. You want to make your presentations engaging and memorable, not hard to read. Something that worked well in printed form, as a PDF or long document, doesn’t necessarily translate well as a slide on screen. Break up large chunks of information over multiple slides, so your viewers can grasp info in bite-sized chunks.


If you’re playing around on PowerPoint for hours trying to make something look slick, ask yourself: ‘Is this the best use of my time?’ Design is probably not your zone of genius, so you’re wasting precious time trying to make things look good when you could be working on your business, living life or spending time with loved ones. Leave it up to the professionals (that’s us!) to make your presentations look brilliant. We can create stunning PPT templates that are on-brand so you can just plug in your info and wow your audience. We can also help you develop powerful presentations from start to finish, with guidance on content structure and correct information flow depending on the outcomes you wish to achieve with your preso.


With the human touch gone, you have to work harder to convey key info well or hold the attention span of someone who’s on their fifth Zoom call for the day. If you’re meeting with gatekeepers, chances are they’ll have to relay the info back to decision makers. You’ll need branded tools that you can send through post-meeting, to stay top of mind and tell you brand story. Info from your company brochure, website, landing page or presentation can be adapted as an interactive PDF for email distribution or stored on your website for online viewing, with further call to actions and buttons that will inspire a response. Make sure the information can be personalised, to replace that handshake and make your prospect or client feel that little bit special.



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