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Brand Transformation: What Is Your Brand Vision?

By February 19, 2019March 25th, 2019Brand Strategy, Branding, Business, Re-branding

brand transformation 30 day challenge – day #2 brand transformation challenge – what is your brand vision?

People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. – Simon Sinek

One of the first questions that I ask my clients during our Brand Strategy Workshop is WHY do you do what you do?

This is actually a really deep question… one I’ve had to ponder myself many times during my own business journey.

Some of my clients get a little stuck here… and the obvious things emerge, like to be successful, to help our clients, to be profitable etc etc.
It takes a little bit of digging to uncover the true meaning of why a business owner embarked on their journey. Often, a meaningful story emerges and my clients have the chance to articulate the true vision they have for their business.

The best brands have a deeper meaning and a deeper purpose behind their operations. They stand for something. And they stand for something that resonates with others.
When you have a vision, meaning and purpose, you can communicate this to your team, stakeholders, suppliers and attract your dream clients that believe in you what you do.

Having clarity around your brand vision will help you:

  • Know who you are as a brand and business and what you stand for
  • Align your brand with your long term business objectives
  • Formulate and articulate your core message and targeted messaging
  • Create a framework of meaning and logic that drives the creative direction your brand identity
  • Tell your unique brand story through in your brochures and marketing collateral
  • Lead and inspire those who believe in your why to action – to buy, to read your PDF, to click on your ad, to join your company

Articulating this brand vision is the part that my clients often find the most difficult to do. When thinking about your brand vision, here are my practical tips to get you started:

  • Read Start With Why by Simon Sinek – a great book about finding your purpose
  • List all the reasons WHY you started your business, why you do things in a particular why, why you believe what you believe, why you want to help your clients, why it means something to you
  • Keep listing as many reasons as possible and keep going until you can’t come up with any more reasons – you have to dig deep for the gold
  • Think about where you want your business to be in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 100 years and try to think how you could reverse engineer this
  • Meaning can evolve over time and it’s not immediate, but you have to start somewhere and stand for something – a strategic position, a big idea, a belief
  • Ask your team what your brand means to them, you’ll be able to gauge if your team understands and sees your brand and your vision the way you do
  • Often we are too close to our own businesses to be able to extract this information – work with us to help!

As a business owner myself, WHY has always been a huge part of my philosophy for Maja Creative. Many years ago when I was working as a junior designer, I was frustrated that I would receive confusing briefs from account managers that didn’t explain properly why the client wanted something designed in this way or that way. I was always hungry for the WHY, I knew once I understood their vision, their why, I could weave and express this meaning into the design and get the desired result they were after.

Today, it’s part of our purpose at Maja Creative to work directly with passionate, heart centred and purpose-driven business owners. It’s our mission to help our clients transform their businesses by transforming their brands. Through strategic, exceptional, effective branding, creativity and design based in neuroscience principles, we help our clients build meaningful, memorable, successful brands that positively impact the world. We use creativity to connect, inspire, empower and delight our community – this is our why.

So, if you want help in articulating your brand vision to transform your brand and give it more meaning, you can work with me to develop your Brand Strategy and transform your brand in 2019. During our 30 day #brandtransformation challenge you have the opportunity to WIN our famous Maja Creative Brand Strategy Workshop valued at over $5000. Just click on the link below and apply.




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