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look at the Data

At Maja Creative, we love data driven design, branding and marketing.
So what does that mean? It can be as simple as looking at your sales figures and history to uncover some insights about your customers and the type of marketing offers you could be putting together.
When we did this in our own business, we noticed that quite a large chunk of our business was coming from clients who are re-branding.
When we dug a little deeper, we realised that the types of businesses that are re-branding generally have been:
– in operation for at least 5 years or more and they were coming to us at a time in their business life when they were either wanting to expand and scale. They were hiring new team members and needed a more professional image and a brand strategy to translate their vision to their growing team
– they were operating 7+ years or more and felt that their branding and marketing was really dated, and needed a refresh.
– they wanted to go after a different type of market or do business with bigger fish, and felt their brand didn’t mirror the clients they aspired to work with
– they were mostly male business owners in their late 30’s and early 40’s who are truly passionate about their business and understand and value good branding and design, they are all very purpose driven.
That’s only a few insights from the data we looked at but it helped us use the right language, messages and images to create highly targeted offers and marketing materials for new potential clients that fall into the same category.
How to use data in your business to improve your brand
– Look at your sales figures – what story does it tell? Work out what types of customers are your cream, dream and bread and butter customers.
– Look at the actual people you deal with, are there any similarities in their age, social status, personality types, do they share similar goals, wants and needs when it comes to your product or service? If you understand your customers in depth, you can design more effective marketing that speaks directly to them.
– Look at your website traffic – are there pages that are not getting any traction and need improvement in copy or design? Design multiple landing pages and test the effectiveness of each one.
– Analyse your social media traffic – when are people most engaged in your posts? Which images and words get more shares and likes?
– Which products sell well and why? Is it the offer or is it the packaging? Can your offers be more specific, can you improve on the packaging design. How do the best sellers compare to the lines that are not thriving, and why?
– Look at your sales offers – Test and analyse different ways of promoting your offers, tweak and improve, it could be a word, it could be a colour, it could be the size of the font that creates an impact or not.
Being creative, doesn’t mean we don’t love data. In fact, numbers and data tell incredible stories that can and should drive so many design and branding decisions.
If you’ve got any other tips, insights or aha’s about your data, please share and comment below so we can all benefit and improve our brands.

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