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Consider Illustration

Have you considered using illustration to tell your brand story? While photography is popular, many brands are considering the use of custom illustration to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to stand out from the crowd.
Illustration can be use to create a unique thematic approach to your brand. You can work with a designer or illustrator to develop a signature look and feel and embellishments that can be used throughout your brand and marketing pieces. What’s great about illustration is that often the style that is developed can be unique to your brand – this makes your brand more memorable and distinct.
Illustration can also be used to create mascots – these have been popular in advertising for decades. While it’s a unique skill and art, it’s also extremely powerful. It’s not limited to sports teams either! Illustrated mascots can become brand icons that last for decades – think Louie the Fly, the Michelin Man and Micky Mouse.
Illustration can also be used to convey complex information. Icons, flow charts, diagrams all tell a story and are an excellent way to communicate effectively and quickly when photographs or words can’t do the job.
In our hyper digital world, illustration and in particular, hand lettered type is experiencing a massive comeback as we yearn for yesteryear when we used to draw, write, scribble and paint. But don’t just follow the crowd – consider illustration only if its appropriate for your brand and if it’s a strategic move that you can continue to invest in – illustration is a time honoured art that requires the skilful hand of an artist, illustrator or talented designer.

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