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Connect with your dream clients, build trust and recognition and put your best foot forward with a unique brand identity that truly reflects what your business stands for.




Our Approach

At Maja Creative, we follow a unique branding process that is very in depth and focused on your unique business.


Focusing on quality over quantity, we take on a very limited number of new clients per month to ensure that each project gets our full attention.

Digging deep into your business philosophy and company culture, we work closely with you to develop a true brand identity that translates the soul of your brand into a compelling story and a strong look and feel for you business. We’ll live and breathe your business to create a meaningful and memorable brand that will touch your clients and customers on a much deeper level.

What our clients say

Firstly Steve and I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put in regarding our Zealous Group rebranding. From our initial meeting to the ongoing work you are doing for us currently you have shown a high level of professionalism and understanding. Our new premises looks amazing, past and current clients have all commented on the new look and we have received nothing but great feedback. We have been opened now for just over 2 weeks and have had 6 new leads come through the door. Once again thanks for your hard work and we look forward to our continual business relationship.

Jeff SarkisGeneral Manager, Zealous Group


Our clients come to us usually during periods of change and often frustration.
  • You’re not attracting the right types of clients
  • You want to change the brand name – it no longer fits who you are
  • You’ve grown up and want to look more premium and professional
  • Your brand is a bit all over the place, like its from different companies
  • You need to communicate more clearly about who you are
  • No one knows who you are
  • You want to appeal to a new type of client and enter a new market
  • You’re moving premises, its the perfect time for a re-fresh
  • You never did the branding properly from the start
  • Your brand looks outdated, you want to revitalise it
  • You’ve merged, and want to send a strong message of leadership
  • You need to define and clarify your message

If you’re not happy with your current brand, it’s time re-brand your business.

Thinking about

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Brand Discovery Call

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The Brand Strategy Workshop

This collaborative workshop provides a strategic planning framework to help define your brand vision.

All good creativity starts with a good brand strategy. If you want to work with our talented team, our first step is always to take you through our unique 1-on-1 Brand Strategy Workshop.
We view your business from many different angles to gain clarity on what your brand stands for, to truly understand the goals and needs of your customers and align your brand with neuro-based brand archetypes that match your core values and mirror customer goals.
Only then we design.

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The Branding PROCESS

Brand Discovery

We touch base with you to get a clear initial understanding of the scope of your project. We’ll determine if our team can support you in building a meaningful, memorable, iconic brand.

Maja Creative
Brand Strategy Workshop

We run an in person Brand Strategy workshop with key stakeholders to get a thorough understanding of your business – where you’ve been and where you are going. We workshop your values, your competitors, your company culture, your products and services and the type of clients you want to work with. We agree on expectations and direction of work.


We review all the information from the Brand Strategy Workshop and begin further research into your business, competitors and clients you want to attract. If formal research is required, we engage various resources such as customer interviews to gain further clarity.

Brand Strategy Kit

We’ll summarise all the finding and insights in a comprehensive Brand Strategy Kit that’s yours to keep. It’s your brand vision – a deep understanding of your customers, your brand personality and brand archetype and a roadmap of what your brand stands for. This brand vision sets the foundation for your brand identity design.

Concept Development

Once the Brand Strategy has been agreed upon, we get creative! This is the hands-on design phase where we will experiment and develop numerous concepts for your brand identity. Design is part art, part science, so it’s important not to rush the design phase to allow brilliant ideas to emerge.

Brand Finalisation and Approval

You will be presented with two complete different brand concepts to choose from, each with their own unique logo, colour scheme, fonts and imagery styles. Here we allow for tweaks and changes, before a final decision is made.

Touchpoint Execution

Once you’ve selected your ideal brand identity, production and implementation begins and your brand is rolled out across various brand touchpoints. You’re ready to launch!


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