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is your

brand 'on-brand'?

Get crystal clear on your brand vision for 2021.

Define what your brand truly stands for, discover your brand personality and archetype and attract your dream clients with our famous 1-on-1 Brand Strategy Workshop.

“all good creativity
starts with a good strategy.”
– Maja Wolnik, Brand Strategist, Maja Creative


Your brand is the personality of your company, determined by how others perceive it and experience it. It’s how they feel about your product, service or business.

You can project an image, but it’s up to your clients and customers to make the emotional connections. Your brand is not limited to logos, colours and fonts but it’s really about projecting your brand identity to the outside world – living and breathing the core values of your company.
A brand strategy helps you map out your brand vision – what your brand stands for, who your dream clients are and what’s the best ways to connect with them. Only then, we design.

Getting crystal clear on your brand vision allows you to:

Be ‘on brand’ with your brand at every customer touchpoint

Establish your brand positioning and stand out from the competition

Get a deep understanding of what drives and motivates your customers, so you can serve them better and turn them into loyal fans

Be more confident and natural when delivering your brand message and marketing

Attract like minded clients, suppliers and employees that share your core values

Work with me to develop your brand strategy and get your brand on brand for 2021 and beyond.

The Maja Creative

brand strategy workshop


Our collaborative Brand Strategy Workshop provides a strategic planning framework to help you define your big brand vision for 2021 and beyond. We work together to uncover insights about your brand. It’s hands-on, and fun!


We view your business from many different angles to gain clarity on what your brand stands for, to truly understand the goals and needs of your customers and and align your brand with neuro-based brand archetypes that match your core values and mirror customer goals.


what we'll cover


What’s your brand vision?

What are your goals for the next 12 months and beyond? We’ll make sure that your brand strategy aligns with your business strategy.


What’s your vibe?

We get you and your team involved to uncover the core company values that your brand should live and breathe at every touchpoint.


Single or multiple brands?

Do you have multiple brands under one big umbrella? We take a look at your brand architecture to gain clarity to ensure your sub brands and products are structured correctly.


What’s your tribe?

We help you describe your tribe by taking you on an in-depth journey into the hearts and minds of your dream clients to uncover their goals and needs that drive purchase decisions.


What’s your archetype?

If your brand was a person, what would they be like? We uncover you dominant Brand Archetypes and determine your brand personality, tone of voice, look and feel.


What’s your secret sauce?

We help you uncover your X factor that makes your brand truly unique to differentiate you from the competition and position your brand for success.

Neuro-based Brand Archetypes

which one are you?

Brands use archetypes to act as a tribe leader that serves a group of people with a shared vision, belief and goals.

Successful brands have a strong sense of identity, one the mirrors the hopes and aspirations of their customers and many of the world’s leading brands align themselves with a Brand Archetype.

Developed by psychologists Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, archetypes are universal, mythical characters that can be found in all cultures. They are instantly familiar to us because they are primal and instinctive – they reside within the ‘collective unconscious’ we all share and identify with.

Using Brand Archetypes provides a framework for your brand’s personality and makes it easier to tell your brand story.

  • Brand Archetypes create a ‘persona’ that can be easily understood because they evoke deep emotions that we all subconsciously identify with.

  • Each Brand Archetype has it’s own set of values, meaning and personality traits.

  • The concept of archetypes is aligned with neuro science research that people make intuitive decisions and that consumers are driven by non-conscious emotional goals.

  • People need to understand WHO a brand is to understand which goals that brand can address

  • Brand Archetypes allow you to connect with your clients on a deep, emotional level

  • The more you humanise your brand, the more successful your brand will become!

The Hero
The Lover
The Magician
The Innocent
The Sage
The Outlaw
The Jester
The Explorer
The Creator
The Regular Guy/Girl
The Caregiver
The Ruler

The Brand Strategy Workshop

is for you if:

– You want to improve your brand and business

– You know you need a brand strategy but you’ve never really taken the time to do it properly

– You feel like your brand is a bit ‘all over the place’ and you want more focus and direction

– You want to work with dream clients but you’re attracting clients and customers that are not the right fit

– You sometimes struggle to articulate what your business has to offer to the world

– You’re trying to be all things to all people and realise that it’s time to have more focus

– You’re not sure if your marketing efforts are effective

– You want to build a foundation to create a new brand identity or re-brand your existing business



Boardroom Access

A 1/2 day or full day Brand Strategy Workshop (dependant on the size of your business) in person with me in our beautiful boardroom.

My Brain on Your Brand

You’ll have full access to my branding expertise and experience. This one-on-one workshop is personalised to suit your business and I’ll be focused purely on your brand during the workshop.

Insights & Clarity

You’ll be amazed what happens during the Brand Strategy Workshop, unexpected insights and moments of clarity are sure to ensue.

Customer Avatars

We’ll create 4 dream client profiles for the various types of clients and stakeholders you serve so you gain in-depth insights into your tribe.

Brand Archetype Profile

We’ll give you an in depth overview of your dominant and secondary Brand Archetypes so you can understand which brand personality you should align with.

Brand Strategy Kit

We’ll summarise all the findings and insights from the workshop in a comprehensive Brand Strategy Kit that’s yours to keep. It’s your brand bible to educate your team and pass onto web developers, social media gurus, designers and copywriters so they too have a crystal clear vision on what your brand stands for.

Brand Vision

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of your customers, your brand personality and brand archetype and a roadmap of what your brand stands for – a true vision for your brand for 2021.

Who should attend the Maja Creative

brand strategy workshop?

Although all business owners can grow professionally by attending our Brand Strategy Workshop, we find that emerging companies who have been in business for at least 2 years benefit the most as well as those who are considering a re-brand and have been established for at least 5 years.

Our in-person workshops are conducted in Melbourne, however we may be able to travel interstate for selected suitable companies.

Are you:

  • A new entrepreneur – you’ve tested your new venture and are ready to get serious with your brand

  • The owner of a dynamic professional services company – you need to clarify your brand vision

  • An established business owner – you want to refresh your brand or are considering a re-brand

  • A seasoned business owner – you’re launching your 2nd, 3rd or 4th business venture in 2021

  • A professional speaker, consultant or solo entrepreneur – you want to build a powerful personal brand

  • A passionate and driven business owner – you want the leading edge on your brand over your competitors


To get your brand On Brand for 2021.

Apply for the Brand Strategy Workshop

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