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Book formatting, layout & interior book design.

By January 31, 2023February 23rd, 2023Book Design, Book Publishing, Business

A book isn’t just words on a page, the pages of your book and how they look is very important. You want your book to be engaging and easy to read, and you want your readers to have an immersive experience when reading your book – whether it’s in print or digital formats. There are many creative ways to bring a book to life through beautiful imagery, art direction, typography, layout, and design. But where to begin?

Firstly, determine what type of book you’re working on, is it a memoir, a novel, a business book, children’s book? Knowing which type of book you’re working on will help you decide how the interior pages of your book could look.

If you’re writing a text-heavy novel, memoir, or simple business book, you can consider a simple text only page layout design that doesn’t include any images or special text treatments. Just because a design is simple, doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautiful. Our design team can customise fonts, paragraphs, heading and title styles, page navigation and chapter separations that match the style and branding of your cover.

Look at other simple books you love to read – what is the spacing between the words, lines and paragraphs like? How big are the margins? How small or large is the typeface? You’ll want to consider all these factors as they affect the reader’s experience.

If you really want something more interesting for your book, then a complex page layout design could be your perfect option that will really add to your manuscript. Ideal for creative business books, biographies and memoirs, self-help books, art and photography books and coffee table books, cookbooks and any other books that require special text treatments, full colour images and creative design elements.

Our design team can create a unique visual language and repeatable system for your interior pages that will help you visually communicate your ideas and make your book a delight to read. Print on demand technology has made colour book printing more affordable than ever before, so you can think of your book like a colourful magazine on steroids!

If you want something truly unique, then a fully custom designed book would best suit your needs. This format is perfect if your book requires special attention to each spread or page – ideal if you’re creating a custom workbook, journal, technical manual, corporate history, children’s book or a custom creative business book that doesn’t follow a set writing formula.

Our design team can pour our creative labour of love into each layout to come up with distinct creative text treatments, full colour images, illustrations, infographics, diagrams and creative design elements throughout the book.

At Maja Creative, we believe the interior layout, formatting and design is as crucial to the success of your book as much as the manuscript is. Work with us to get a beautiful, page- turning result.


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