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Get my brain on your brand for FREE!

By December 29, 2022Brand Strategy, Branding, Business


At Maja Creative we follow a unique branding process that is very in depth and customised to your unique business. We work closely with you to develop a creative Brand Strategy first and then a strong look and feel for your business. Then we roll out everything to your brand touchpoints. We use a mix of our design and business skills and effective marketing techniques that are based in neuro-science to create branding that is meaningful, memorable and above all effective.


After posting some behind the scenes photos from a recent Brand Strategy session I did with our newest client, my phone has been pinging lately with people asking me what the Brand Strategy Workshop is all about.

Well, it’s a little hard to explain on text… and this month I’m feeling chatty, so I’m opening up my calendar to TALK all things branding with you!
This is your one chance in the year to get on the phone or zoom with me and pick my brain about your brand for FREE.

Talk to me about your brand and business, your plans for the new year or your ideas for a book project! I want to hear your news, challenges and give you my professional opinion, thoughts and insights, all in the spirit of giving. There is no obligation, but of course, if you feel compelled, I can share our branding  and brand strategy process with you and see if there’s a way my team and I can work further with you, but mostly I want to get in touch and talk about YOU and your brand.

Ready to talk to me? Spots and sessions are time limited for December, so get in quick and book a time with me to pick my brain.


Work with us
Want our team to help you launch your business? At Maja Creative, we take on a very limited number of new client projects each month, so that each project gets our full attention. Our spots are filling up fast for the remainder of the year, so get in now.

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