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Share your wisdom and leverage your expertise with the help of a book

Most entrepreneurs that come to us wanting to self-publish a book, want to do it for three main reasons:

  1. Make a bigger impact. We work with therapists, coaches, consultants and business owners who really do make a difference in the lives of the people that they serve, but often, that impact is limited by their ability to only be able to serve their clients and customers one-on \-one or in small group settings. Writing a book allows you to make a bigger impact by sharing your wisdom with a broader audience. If you work with people one-on-one, it is possible that not everyone can afford your fees, but the average person can afford a $30 book or a $10 eBook. By writing a book, you can reach 100’s and potentially 1000’s or more people who will benefit from what they read in your book.
  2. Leverage your expertiseA book can help you leverage your knowledge and wisdom in two ways – it can help position you as an expert, specialist or authority in your field, giving you instant credibility or if you are an expert or specialist in your field already, it can help you raise your profile, build your personal brand and open more doors. Your knowledge is important, and even though you might feel like everyone knows what you know, or it has already been said, they don’t and no one has done it or said it the way you would. A book is like a business card on steroids and its up to you to use your voice.
  3. Create an additional (passive) income stream A book client once said to me” I just want to get out of the chair, even if it’s $30 a week, it’s $30 that I am making without having to sit in the chair.” Whether your chair is an accountants chair, a psychologists chair or an entrepreneurs chair, the goal is to earn money while you do nothing. For me, the dream was to earn money in my sleep, and now its normal for me to wake up to book sales pinging on my phone. Writing a book can help you build an additional, passive income stream. But like all things, you still have to market your book in order to make sales!

There are other, often unexpected benefits to becoming a published author that many of our clients are delighted to experience:

  • The sheer satisfaction of the accomplishment. Writing a book is a big undertaking, that many start but never finish. All of our clients feel very proud once the project is complete, knowing they have an asset that took blood, sweat and tears to achieve.
  • Writing a book can also open up other income avenues – your book can be turned into a series of books; your book can become an online course or webinar; your book can become a workshop; your book can come with an accompanying workbook that you can sell; your book can become a podcast; your book can become a movie or a tv series.
  • A book can increase the perceived value of your company or personal brand, so you can increase your fees and start charging more for your other programs and services.

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