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57 questions…
… that’s how many questions I asked my amazing new client yesterday about her book.
9 questions about the book itself and why she wrote it.
34 questions about her readers.
14 questions about herself, her brand and her style.
At Maja Creative, we don’t simply ask… “So, lovely client, what do you want on the cover of your book?”
We dive deep into developing a vision for your book – why have you written it, what do you want to achieve with it, and why?
We dive deep into understanding your audience, not just demographics like “Jenny, 44, married, drives a Merc.”,  but their pain points, challenges, and reasons they NEED to read your book.
We dive deep into understanding you as an author, your personal brand, your credentials and credibility.
Our Book Strategy Sessions are epic, because your book is epic – it has the potential to impact thousands of people.
You’ve spent hundreds of hours writing tens of thousands of words and a lifetime gathering knowledge and experience to relay all that information into a book.
All that effort needs to be celebrated, acknowledged and strategically communicated so that the ESSENCE of your book is captured in your BOOK COVER, AUTHOR BRANDING and LAUNCH STRATEGY.
People DO JUDGE A BOOK by it’s cover, and they have about 3 seconds to make a decision about your book.
Psychology, intuition, strategy and design – they’re all in our box of magic tricks when it comes to branding and marketing your book, but everything starts with 57 questions.
We ask the right questions, so that the right people can get their hands on your book.
All you have to do, is turn up. x

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