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I finally found the perfect reason to use this brilliant shot of me and my laptop*… . Working from home sounds so easy and fun, but it can get kinda messy pretty quickly!

Since 2010 I’ve been blessed with the freedom and flexibly to work from home at least some of the time (even when I did have an office in Albert Park) so I thought I’d share a few quick tips on how I’ve made it work for me and my remote team – hope this helps if you’re new to this!


I have a separate room which I call my ‘office’. I’ve got a standing desk and keep all the work & business stuff in there. The rest of the house is my home. Working on the couch and dining room table does happen sometimes, but I’ve found that creating a dedicated sacred space for my work and business is more productive and when I leave the ‘office’ I can relax and separate the two modes of operation. If you can’t have a separate room – create a dedicated area and let the rest of the family know it’s your new ‘office’ and they have to knock to come in ; ) Make it personalised and homely – I keep my crystals and scented candles nearby.


I hold meetings with my team on Zoom or Skype to keep the face to face connection going – it’s actually a necessity for us humans to be able to read each other’s facial features to understand each other and build trust. It’s great to share the screen and talk about the work at hand (especially creative work) and this minimises ALL THOSE EMAIL THREADS. You can also record the meetings and play them back for reminders. So simple and fast! I find that regular, scheduled meetings keep everyone anchored.


I think I’ve worked in my pyjamas maybe a handful of times… I find that getting up and getting dressed as if I’m heading out into the world makes me feel empowered and put-together, ready to rock it! When you look good, you feel good and that energy comes across in your work, calls and meetings. Sometimes I go as far as wearing my favourite high heels in the house (‘cos I love shoes and I’m channelling Carrie from Sex & The City) and I swear I’ve made more sales and won more new clients over the phone when wearing lipstick than when not. Havianna’s and comfy jeans are my go-to when I’m in creation mode. You do you – but do your best you, to feel energised and productive, especially at this time when our vibes can dip to a low very quickly. Pyjamas are for sleeping. Just sayin’.


I don’t have children (as yet) so I can’t help you there sorry, but I have two fur babies that need a lot of attention. Your pets will be so excited you’re home, and will naturally want to play, bark, pee, chew on something and jump on you when you’re on that really important call or recording a video. Make time for them when you can (and when they’re at their most boisterous) – it’s the joy of being able to work from home – and get back to work when they’ve had that walk, cuddle or feed. Trust me, they win for your attention every time. Entrepreneurs with kids – please jump in here.


Ok, so the most beautiful thing about working from home is that you don’t have to be stuck in traffic! But the BEST thing about that is that you will win back at least 20, 30, 60 minutes or more per day of PRECIOUS TIME (depending on how far you had to travel to your office). Time you previously wasted in traffic is worth its weight in GOLD now, so please use it wisely. For the past month, I’ve used my extra time in the morning to work on my upcoming book. With the world on hold, I truly believe NOW is THE perfect time to focus your energy and CREATE. Join me, and use that time to finally write that book you’ve been meaning to for years. Now, more than ever, the world needs to hear your message and your wisdom, and you’re blessed with the GIFT of extra time. Check out my 20-minute Author community here for book tips and videos: https://www.facebook.com/groups/the20minuteauthor/

I’ll be launching another book writing challenge in coming days so stay tuned…

Any questions? Send me a PM and please share a photo of your ’new’ office below.

If you’re a seasoned pro at working from home, please share your productivity hacks too!


*photo credit to the amazing Clare Stephens

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