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By March 18, 2020Business

Shout out to anyone who is feeling stressed and overwhelmed – just breathe.

Stop for a moment and take a very DEEP long breath in, counting to 4 as you do it, and breathe out, counting to 4 as you do it. REPEAT.

This week I’ve talked to friends and have had a few meetings (in person, phone, text and virtual) and am hearing a lot of panic, stress, anxiety but also lots of hope optimism and leadership, wether that’s about health, finances, loved ones or business and everything in between.

I don’t have all the answers, I don’t think any of us do right now, but I thought I would share some ways that I am personally using to stay calm and centred during this time as I want to help in any way, shape or form – I was talking to a man who is worried that his client (who is unfortunately probably going to lose his business) is going to commit suicide, I’m not a professional but we all have to pitch in to provide people some support, even if that is just to listen. Anyone who is a counsellor, psychologist, healer, doctor, naturopath or just an ordinary strong person (or feeling strong in the moment) – please share your wisdom!!

I’ll also give you my best working from home tips for those who are new to this and of course branding strategies to help your business in this challenging time whenever I can.

Whenever I feel tense or anxious, I take a deep breath. And then another one. And another one.

As humans, when we’re scared, we start operating in either the fight, flight or freeze response. When we’re scared and stressed our IQ drops significantly and we lose our ability to think properly and creatively. We start running around like headless chooks and our immune system also suffers. This is not what we need right now. So please, take a deep breath, your nervous system will calm down, and you will have more oxygen in your brain to think. Whenever I stop and breathe, I feel like I am more equipped to make the right decision because my head feels clearer and my heart is not pounding.

Yoga is my religion, and it makes me feel sooo good. It can be gentle or intense, depending on what you fancy, and includes lots and lots of breathing. I’m not going to get into the debate wether you should go to a class or do it at home, but just try a few simple stretches – there’s millions of classes on YouTube.

The facts will come to us, and we need to stay informed, but obsessively watching the news adds to the anxiety and hysteria. It’s not easy to do, but I force myself to stop watching the news, scrolling mindlessly through facebook, and I choose to focus my energy on the present moment – whatever task I have at hand (even if that’s washing the dishes, I try to make it my mission to be the best dish washer in that moment). I don’t subscribe to any channels or news apps, I don’t watch it on TV, I check in when necessary. Try it for an hour and see how you feel.

I’m really struggling that I can’t hug my family and friends right now, but my pets are totally up for cuddles. So we cuddle and play. I let them on the couch. I think it’s some sort of proven fact that pets improve wellbeing), so if you have pets, please hug them. Also I watch funny cat videos instead of watching the news.

I personally listen to a rapid transformational therapy (RTT) audio twice daily. Marisa Peer is incredible so please check her out on the internet. It’s basically hypnotherapy that re-wires your brain to think differently. But you can also try guided meditations on YouTube. I do it first thing in the morning and before bed or while exercising or cleaning.

I have a lovely Kikki K journal that I write in every morning. I literally write “Thank-you I am so grateful for my family. ”
“Thank-you I am so grateful for my health. ”
“Thank-you I am so grateful for Zuzia. ”
“Thank-you I am so grateful for Leila. ”

And I keep going until I run out of time or things to write. Every. Single. Day. Makes my heart full and takes the edge of anything negative.

I recently read the book “Hardwiring Happiness” by Rick Hanson. It explains a lot about the fight or flight response as mentioned above, and gives you practical advice on how to literally THINK different thoughts. I’ve bought the audio version and have started listening to it again. I can recommend lots of different books that can help your mindset right now so let me know if you want my list.

Music lifts the mood. I dance in my living room with my dog, she loves it too. Or I dance it out with my niece and nephew. Or I listen to calming blues or jazz. Music soothes the soul and shaking your booty feels bloody good, even for just 3 minutes.

I am really watching my words very carefully. I am trying to use positive, uplifting words and avoiding complaining. It’s really not easy, but speaking fear creates more fear. I believe our words shape our reality, so please choose your words and your language very carefully, written and verbal, and speak positively. I also talk to myself, out loud like a crazy lady, like “Hey, that meeting didn’t go so well, but the next one is going to be brilliant” and so it is.

Everyone’s situation is different so I can’t speak for you what business as usual could mean for you, even if business or work or home life is not like usual at all, but I am keeping to my routines, calling clients, holding meetings, developing assets, serving clients, and doing all the things that I normally would to the best of my ability. I’m also focusing on strategies to grow, pivot and adjust my business if need be. Do your best and keep on keeping on.

I hope this helps someone today. I am not perfect and I have fear, worry and anxiety, but I am using all the above to consciously drag myself out of a bad thought and change my state. If you’re really struggling, please make sure you seek professional help (link below).

If anyone wants to add to this, please comment below and let’s spread the LOVE, be there for each other.

Stay calm and keep your vibes high. We are all in this together.



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