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Brand Transformation: Start With Brand Strategy

By February 19, 2019 March 25th, 2019 Brand Strategy, Branding, Business, Graphic Design, Re-branding

Brand Transformation 30 Day Challenge

Day #1: Start with Brand Strategy

Your brand should be one of the biggest assets in your business…

BUT!! Before you go about creating a brand, you absolutely need to start with a Brand Strategy.

If this sounds like you, this week during our brand transformation challenge I’m going to dive deep into the elements of a Brand Strategy and what you need to consider in order to create a good foundation for you brand and transform your business.

So you might be wondering… what exactly is a brand strategy and why does my company need one?

Let’s get clear first on what a brand strategy isn’t….

❌ A brand strategy is not a business strategy – you need a business strategist, consultant or a business coach to help you work on the strategic issues in your biz.

❌A brand strategy is not a marketing strategy – you need a marketing expert or a specialist marketing agency to help you map out your marketing plan.

Your brand is the personality of you company, determined by how others perceive and experience it.

It’s how they FEEL about your product, service and business.

You can project and image, but it’s up to your clients and customers to make the emotional connections.

Your brand is not limited to logos, colours and fonts but it’s really about living and breathing the core values of your company.

A brand strategy helps you map out your brand vision – what your brand stands for, who your dream clients are, what is your positioning in the market place and what makes your business uniquely different.

A brand strategy is the foundation for your brand – only then, we design.

Having a Brand Strategy and getting clear on your brand vision allows you to:

✅ establish your brand positioning and stand out from the competition
✅ get a deep understanding of what drives and motivates your customers, so you can serve them better and turn them into loyal fans
✅ be more confident and natural when delivering your brand message and marketing
✅ attract like minded clients, suppliers and employees that share your core values
✅ be ‘on brand’ with your brand when you tell your brand story through brochures, leave behind’s, digital PDFs and all other brand touchpoints

The crucial elements to consider when creating a brand strategy are:

1️⃣ Your Business Objectives – is your brand aligned with what you want to achieve in your business?
2️⃣Your Brand Culture – does your team understand what your brand stands for and are they helping build the brand from the inside out?
3️⃣ Brand Architecture – do you have parent or sister brands? How will you structure your brand to scale and grow?
4️⃣ Your Clients and Customers – do you truly understand the wants, needs and goals of the people your brand serves?
5️⃣Your Brand Personality – if your brand was a person, what would they be like?
6️⃣Brand Positioning – how does your brand fit in within the market place? What makes you unique?

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