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Moving premises was the perfect opportunity to re-brand this award winning building and construction company. Read our success story below to find out how a powerful brand can stop traffic and attract dream clients.


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Jeff and Steve are the directors of Zealous Group, specialising in residential and commercial building. The Zealous Group team aims for overall excellence in the building of residential homes, dual occupancies, apartments and commercial developments.


When we met with the team at Zealous Group, they were just about to invest in a new building site in Bentleigh to house their new office. We agreed this was the perfect opportunity for the business to re-brand. The Zealous reputation among existing customers was already successful and their methodology and building process was second to none, but we discovered that the Zealous reputation did not match the Zealous brand image. Their logo was old, outdated and didn’t clearly communicate what the brand really stood for. It was unappealing to their target market and quite hard to read.
The team at Zealous Group wanted to attract a more upscale clientele in the leafy suburbs of Bentleigh, Brighton, Hampton and surrounding area – they wanted to appeal to passionate home owners who wanted to truly invest in building their dream home.
To grow the business, Zealous also wanted to expand into other markets such as dual occupancy builds as well as commercial and apartment buildings and this required a brand that would appeal to stakeholders at the commercial level.


Our branding workshop uncovered many interesting and valuable insights about the core target market for Zealous Group. We discovered that Zealous’s dream clients were seasoned renovators and builders who had either been burnt in the past by unreliable builders or were ready to invest their life savings into building their forever home.
We also identified multiple audiences and stakeholders we needed to address and profiled their needs, wants and goals.
A review of competitor brands in the building and construction space gave us a benchmark to differentiate the Zealous brand.
We wanted to:
  • Thoroughly understand the dream customer – their needs, wants and challenges and ultimate goals. We wanted to create a brand that addressed these aspects and consciously and subconsciously appealed to their ultimate goals.
  • Ensure the brand reflects the Zealous Group commitment to excellence, customer service, craftsmanship and building methodology.
  • Maximise the new prime location to attract foot traffic and utilise the advertising space on a busy traffic corner.
  • Create a brand the owners are truly proud of and can get the team excited about for future growth.
  • Create a brand that raises the Zealous Group profile as a leader in their field.


When approaching the re-brand for Zealous Group, we wanted to create a brand image that was strong, trustworthy yet stylish and modern, to reflect the design aesthetic of the Zealous Group team and appeal to predominantly couples who are ready to build their dream home.
We created a striking logo mark in the shape of a Z that was inspired by the cross section of a building structure – it appears as if the Z was ‘built’. We utilised a geometric typeface for the Zealous wordmark that is both traditional yet modern.
The colour scheme we selected included a beautiful, rich royal blue which has a slightly ‘old world’ traditional feel that suggests excellence and fine workmanship, evoking trust from the client. The Z was initially imagined in gold, however by tweaking it to silver, we gave the logo a more modern tone.  We selected a script font for the tagline to balance out the seriousness of the logo.
We wanted the prime corner location of the new premises to tell the Zealous Group story, so we ensured the brand could be clearly visible at street level from every angle possible. We included a feature wall which showcases two recently completed building projects by Zealous Group. The billboard is interchangeable, providing a new design each quarter. This billboard was strategically placed to be visible to car passengers who are waiting at the traffic lights to admire the projects in greater depth.
We also created a suite of corporate stationery that the team utilises in all their communication.
The new branding quite literally, stops traffic!
Not long after the re-brand, Zealous Group came in top place and won the HIA 2016 Award for the Townhouse/Villa Development category. While we can’t take credit for their exceptional building and construction skills, we are going to take credit for giving them the brand identity that truly reflects their leading edge.


how the project was received

Firstly Steve and I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put in regarding our Zealous Group rebranding. From our initial meeting to the ongoing work you are doing for us currently you have shown a high level of professionalism and understanding. Our new premises looks amazing, past and current clients have all commented on the new look and we have received nothing but great feedback. We have been open now for just over 2 weeks and have had 6 new leads come through the door. Once again thanks for your hard work and we look forward to our continual business relationship.

Jeff SarkisGeneral Manager, Zealous Group




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The old logo was difficult to read and didn’t reflect the prestige and true reputation of the company.


The new brand is strong, stylish, striking and powerful. It literally stops traffic!

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