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The Least Expensive Business Tool Has The Most Potential Impact

Your business card is a small, seemingly insignificant business tool that is often overlooked when it comes to marketing, but it is one of the most likely forms of advertising to result in a sale. It’s primary function is to help you gain business from the person you give it to – it’s a very personal exchange that can have the most impact – landing a dream client for life and being referred to several more.

Add value to your business

An effective business card can make you look highly professional, give you instant credibility, command authority and add value to your business – all of this means that you can raise your profile and charge higher prices.

An effective business card can make you look highly professional and give you instant credibility.

When you meet with an important person, chances are you’re not going to fumble with your phone to take down their contact details. You have 10 seconds to swiftly exchange information – with an effective business cards.

This ritual can make or break the meeting. You should view your business card as a reflection of you and your business. Take a proper look at it now, and perhaps get some honest feedback from your clients – is your print quality professional? Is your information easy to read? Does the branding truly reflect your business philosophy?

Improve your reputation

If these things don’t work together properly, your card could be damaging your reputation. It could mean that your card gets overlooked, thrown in the bin or never passed on to anyone else who could benefit from your products or services.

Your business card should be expertly designed by a professional graphic designer and printed on high quality paper.  It’s a small cost compared to other forms of marketing and advertising, so consider it a highly valuable investment and dig a little deeper to get the best quality design, print and finish you can afford.

Make an impact with our Business Card Makeover

Our Business Card Makeover could be the perfect solution for you. We assess your card, work out who your dream clients are and adjust the design to make sure your card is pleasing, informative and memorable. Free high quality professional printing included! Book your Business Card Makeover here.

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