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Recent Work: Brand design for LOVE.EAT.CAKE by Lisa

Recently we had the pleasure of talking to Lisa Roberton who is the amazing talent behind LOVE.EAT.CAKE by Lisa, a boutique business of home-made treats. Lisa recently approached Maja Creative to create all the branding and packaging for her exciting new business. We asked Lisa a few questions about her fabulous baking venture and her experiences working with Maja Creative on this project. Lick your lips – this story (and design) is delicious!

What are you most passionate about? 

My two passions are good food and helping others. That is when I struck on the idea to make treats at home, as there is nothing worse that treating yourself with something that doesn’t taste as you would like it to be, and to sell these goods to raise money for charities – eating with a cause!!  I like to bake and I like to keep the ingredients simple as I don’t like all the additives that processed foods have in them nowadays.

What kind of clients would most benefit from your services?

Anyone wanting a treat – individuals or corporates.

What challenges in your business or industry influenced you to seek out graphic design services from Maja Creative?

As a new business I needed to have my branding locked in and professionally done to make consumers want to buy my product.  Branding is critical to get right first time. I needed to have a design that showed I was professional and trusted but homemade.

How was your experience working with Maja Creative?

I was told that Maja Creative did not have a particular style but that she provides creative solutions to each project and that is what I required to be specific to my business.  I enjoyed working with Maja and I got a range of concepts to choose from which were all very different.

“I often get told by my consumers that they love my brand design.”
– Lisa Roberton, Love.Eat.Cake. by Lisa

What benefits/specific results have you experienced from your new branding?

I often get told by my consumers that they love my brand design. Also when I speak to people they remember the design on the business card – instant recall – that is exactly what I need until I get established.

What is the best way to contact you and purchase your products?

Please go to my facebook page.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the world? 

Have courage to give things you are passionate about a go!

Thanks for sharing Lisa! It’s been an absolute pleasure working on your brand design and we wish you all the best. For more information about LOVE.EAT.CAKE please contact Lisa here . For more examples of Maja Creative brand identity work click here.



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