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The Face of Entrepreneurs with Julie-Anne Black

By October 16, 2014Uncategorized

Have you ever signed up for something and didn’t know what it was going to be?

Join me and my fellow co-founders Federico Re and Ranil Rajapaksha for our next Face of Entrepreneurs event – Rhythm with A Hint of Spice – on Wednesday 29th October.

Be inspired by our Guest Speaker Julie –Anne Black who gives us a glimpse of her incredible journey in our recent TFE Radio Show!

If stepping outside of your comfort zone is something that thrills you then you should join the Face of Entrepreneurs – a unique networking concept that infuses the adrenalin of adventure with the reward of entrepreneurship.

We invite our members to sign up for a ‘secret activity’, which is only revealed on the night of the event. Our recent events have included activities such as laser squirmish, rock-climbing and ice-skating.

Inspiring each other with amazing guest speakers and escaping the daily grind is our goal; and we do this through a distinctive program that encourages business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone who was an entrepreneurial mind-set to connect with like minded people.

Sign up at our meetup.com page today!



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